About Us

VN Legal was founded by Vojin Jovanović and Neda Ljepojević, attorneys with long-term experience in representing corporate clients and solving the most complex and demanding legal problems, who along with their team consisting of professional, dedicated and capable lawyers and trainees provide complete legal support to business entitiess in their business operations in the Republic of Serbia.

With proactive and creative approach, we provide Clients with practical and efficient legal solutions based on the objective needs of their business activities, with full respect of the socio-economic environment in which they operate.

We believe that every problem has a solution, that every obstacle can be overcome, and every defect remedied. Our task is to offer all the alternatives to the Client, and then find the one that will, in the given circumstances, best meet the needs of the Client.

Team work with the management of the Client is a prerequisite for successful cooperation, because only as a team focused on a common goal, can we achieve excellence. A good lawyer who thoroughly understands the Client’s business operations, is the Client’s partner, on which he can fully rely.

Such partnership, based on mutual trust, enables us to rise up to any challenge put before us and represents a solid foundation that makes doing business easier for our Clients’ and helps them in achieving good business results.