Labor law

We provide Clients with complete legal advice regarding employment, human resources management and social insurance rights.

We advise and represent Clients as employers in:

(1) reorganizations of the work process and strategies for solving redundancies;

(2) individual termination of employment contracts;

(3) negotiations with trade unions and the conclusion of collective agreements;

(4) drafts of all internal acts of the employer – general (rulebooks, procedures) and individual (decisions, rulings);

(5) working conditions and employment;

(6) changes in contractual working conditions,

(7) implications of status changes to the employment and legal status of employees;

(8) changes in management,

(9) procedures for protection against ill-treatment at work and internal alerting procedures;

(10) labor disputes and disputes related to work (termination of employment, transfer of employees to other jobs and other workplaces, salaries and other income, discrimination and abuse at work, injuries at work, compensation of material and non-pecuniary damage, etc.);

(11) procedures before the Labor Inspectorate;

(12) mediation and other forms of peaceful resolution of labor disputes.