Our team consists of active civil lawyers who have an enviable experience in all types of civil proceedings, in particular:

– commercial disputes (execution of contracts, determination of nullity/annulment and termination of contract, compensation of contractual and non-contractual damage, contractual penalty, insurance disputes, ungrounded enrichment, etc.);

– disputes arising out of bankruptcy proceedings for establishing/challenging claims;

– labor disputes (for the annulment of the termination of employment contract, abuse at work, annulment of the annex to the employment contract, the transition from fixed-term employment to indefinite employment, payments of salaries, wage allowances and other remunerations, compensation of damages suffered at work and related to work, discrimination);

– disputes concerning property and other rights on immovables (determination of ownership rights on immovable property, possessory disputes, eviction disputes, determination of nullity of mortgage statement, deletion of mortgage, etc.);

– disputes for compensation of material and non-pecuniary damage caused by violation of personality rights due to the publication of untrue or incomplete information in the media.

In addition to litigation, we are also proud of our results in representing our Clients in other court proceedings (executive, bankruptcy, misdemeanors, and proceedings related to economic offenses), as well as in administrative proceedings before all state authorities.

Our team is trained and experienced in negotiations for peaceful resolution of disputes and mediation procedures, as a form of alternative dispute resolution.